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thesis whisperer

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D, university of Melbourne, (2009). Winner of the john Grice award for best thesis in the faculty of Architecture, building and Planning. Digital architectures and the presence of the virtual, mphil rmit university, (2005). Post-graduate certificate in Spatial Information Architecture, rmit university (2001). Certificate iv in training and assessment, rmit university (1999). Bachelor of Architecture (with Honours rmit university (Awarded 1997). Awards, grants and prizes Vice Chancellors award for innovation and excellence in service, november 2017. Csiro on Prime program completion bonus, 2017 leader: 50,000 Discovery Translation Fund grant from Canberra Innovation Network, 2017 leader: Department of Industry research grant to investigate the application of machine learning to explore PhD employability and the hidden job market for graduates.

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At the same time, i worked nights teaching undergraduates my suite of in-demand skills. Eventually i realised i enjoyed the teaching more than the architecture, so i left to pursue a career in academia. Retail and service industry work ( ) I worked as soon as I was old enough to apply for a job. I got a great start and training as a coles checkout chick. After the supermarket, i worked as a fish and chip shop cashier, adarsh a courier driver and a cleaner, until university when I worked in a bookstore and then weekend manager at a record store (remember those?). I still include this experience in my resume because it gave me a solid grounding in customer service and the ability to deal with an extremely diverse range of people in high stress environments (including the police, when there were shop lifters, or when. I contemplated a career as an a r rep for Sony, before returning to study and finishing my architecture degree. The key factor in this decision was the introduction of computers in the workplace. I was intrigued by the possibilities what can I say? Qualifications Constructing Bodies: gesture speech and representation at work in Architecture classrooms,.

After becoming a parent, i decided to work part time and left this role to take casual work in the higher Education section of the university and work on my post graduate degrees. Architectural practice, styant-Browne Architects, hooker Handasyde, ashton Raggatt McDougall, lyons, mirvac ( ) As a student and then graduate architect, i worked in a series of high end design firms in Melbourne. In the 1990s, my 3D computer animation and rendering skills were cutting edge and extremely rare. I favorite held multiple positions over a short time because there was a lot of competition for my services. My advanced technical skills and ability to communicate with a wide range of people enabled me to be an effective bridge between design teams, clients and marketing departments. Translating ideas to concrete visualisation that work requires a high level of autonomy, diplomacy, and attention to detail. Architecture is a high pressure, low margins business. During my time in practice i learned how to work in large, multi-disciplinary teams (in a male dominated environment) on high stakes projects, to tight deadlines.

thesis whisperer

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Freelance Educator, melbourne University, monash University, swinburne University and rmit university ( ) As is common these days, i spent five years being a sessional lecturer while raising a small child. During what I call the gift wilderness years, i always had as much work as I wanted because of the broad range of subjects I could teach and my excellent teaching evaluations. I worked in multiple institutions teaching a huge range of topics, from architectural history to computer games programming. I learned the value of networking, stake holder engagement and ruthlessly efficient time management all while suffering through sleep deprivation and head-colds brought home from the day care centre goodtimes). After I completed my first post graduate degree i took up a permanent, part-time position while i worked on my PhD. Vet sector lecturer, rmit university ( ) my first, full time teaching gig was teaching computer graphics, design and construction technology in the building design and drafting course. I assisted in the first roll out of wi-fi, smart boards and laptops and had my first experience of developing online teaching materials. Vet was implementing quality assurance processes, so i was given appropriate teacher training for the first time, which greatly improved my practice.

I like to make things using a range of media and methods. My output ranges through training programs, events, online learning, apps, journal papers, reports, blog posts, journalism and books. Director of research training, The australian National University (2013 At anu i manage the research training team, running events and programs for all research candidates, including the biggest 3 Minute Thesis final in the world. I consult with colleagues on projects related to policy and program development, including online education. My current research concerns the application of machine learning and big data techniques to understand researcher employability and economic prosperity. Research Fellow, Graduate School of Research, rmit university ( ) I ran the multidisciplinary events program for research students and undertook research projects aimed at improving quality in doctoral education at rmit, which was still trying to formalise its processes and procedures around graduate education. During the formation of the School of Graduate research I did a series of research projects aimed at better understanding the value chain and pain points of the research candidate experience, including induction, progress reporting and online education.

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I am a researcher, specialising in research education since 2oo6. I am currently the biographies director of Research Training at The australian National University where i am responsible for co-ordinating, communicating and measuring centrally run research training activities and doing research on student experience to inform practice. Aside from editing and contributing to the Thesis Whisperer, i write scholarly papers, books and book chapters about research student experiences, with a special interest in the digital practices of academics. I am a regular guest speaker at other universities and do media interviews on request. Some details of these other activites are below.

For further information, my resume is below. You can view my linkedin profile, my Amazon author page, or contact me by email via the online form above. For more details on my scholarly work please visit my google essay Scholar page or my OrcidID. I often visit other universities and do workshops on publishing, writing, social media and presentation skills: if you are interested, see my workshops and training page. Summary i have a background as a designer and a researcher. For the last twelve years, i have worked with PhD students and early career researchers to develop their professional skills.

I dont accept posts from professional blog content providers. Be advised that I delete most of the mails trying to sell me stuff without reading them. Unfortunately i cannot offer individual assistance on your project or your supervision woes (sorry!). However, if you are struggling with a specific issue that you think other students would also like to read about, please feel free to get in touch. I do supervise a small number of PhD and Masters students. .

I am interested in working with people who want to research graduate student employability and machine learning (please read the. Anu prospective student page before contacting me about study options). Want to use our material? You are free to reproduce any posts from the. Whisperer through the, creative commons Attribution-non commercial-sharealike license. Most of the photos on this site are copyright free and sourced from. Who is the, thesis, whisperer? My name is Dr Inger Mewburn.

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If you want to write for us it is because you have an urge to share your experience and help others so it may travel further than you think (note the licensing arrangements below). Email, preferably with a sample piece of less than 1000 words. Please note: we only accept posts from people who have had the experience of doing a phd, or working in a professional capacity with research students. We do not accept posts from professional blog content providers. Want to know more? If you want to suggest a post topic, or ask a question of the. Thesis, whisperer, please fill in the contact form below. Please note: i only accept posts from people who have had experience of PhD study and those who support them.

thesis whisperer

Theres enough journals out there for that. We are not a how to guide to doing a thesis, but we are happy to dish out practical tips and techniques that work for. We dont want to just talk resume about writing successfully finishing a dissertation is about more than that. But we dont want to be sued, so we are going to always keep it nice. We want to stimulate conversations, so our posts will always be opinionated (hopefully without being obnoxious). We want to hear your voice. Doing a thesis can take the fun out of anyones writing. This is a place you can relax because there is no examiner watching. If you write for us, we cant pay you, but we promise to never rip off your work and present it as our own.

more of this post. The, thesis, whisperer is a  blog newspaper dedicated to the topic of doing a thesis and is edited by Associate Professor Inger Mewburn, director of research training at the australian National University. Read about how to support our work. Would you like to write for the. Heres our editorial guidelines, we want to be concise. PhD students have to do a lot of reading so no posts will be longer than 1000 words. We want to learn from peoples stories about doing a research degree, but we dont need to hear about your topic.

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing two grant submissions. Once my initial imposter syndrome worries evaporated, i found it was a useful learning experience. I wanted to share what ive learned with other early career creatures on their journey towards capturing that mythical unicorn of a successful grant application! Its really interesting to compare Adams and my tips, given our differences in career stage and grant application experience. The first application I reviewed this year arrived on my desk in autumn. Two colleagues were submitting an expression measles of interest to a charitable organisation and I was asked to be the internal reviewer. As in many departments, this internal review process is a quality check prior to external submission. The second opportunity to review a grant application came after a colleague recommended me as an external reviewer to another charitable body.

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Emma birkett is a teaching Associate in the School of Psychology at the University of Nottingham and lives in the quiet backwaters of Derbyshire,. Her research examines motor timing deficits in children and adults with developmental disorders, especially dyslexia. She teaches in the areas of child development, dyslexia and educational assessment. She is currently developing a module for a new masters programme in developmental disorders, setting up a research project on ensemble timing in children and conducting a study on active teaching methods for her post-graduate teaching certificate. Emma can be found on Twitter at @emskibirkett. The other day, i read the guest blog on Research. Whisperer by Adam Micolich about capturing unicorns,. K.a landing your first successful grant application. I found it really helpful for early career researchers such as myself, and wanted to offer another perspective essay on the funding process: that of a grants reviewer.

thesis whisperer
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  2. wednesday, t building 10T1, room.08, Acton, act. Thesis Whisperer - but with more money. Perth academic, 104, chooses to end life — i have actually laid eyes on this amazing man, who gave so much advice to his community. Im sad about this on a number of levels. Thesis Whisperer : Tragic Research Mistakes how to avoid Them - wednesday, t building 10T1, room.08, Acton, act.

  3. Just like the horse whisperer - but with more pages. Thesis Whisperer is a blog newspaper dedicated to the topic of doing a thesis and is edited by Associate Professor Inger Mewburn, director of research training at the australian National University. Whisperer - but with more pages. Eventbrite - office of the dean, higher Degree research - anu presents. Thesis Whisperer : Visualise your thesis!

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